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Driving our Ambition with Vehicle Partner, Mitsubishi

We’re absolutely over the moon and extremely proud to announce Mitsubishi as our official Vehicle Partner for the 2019 UK Challenge. You’ll see their L200 and Shogun Sport models ferrying our core staff and marshal teams at various stages and of course, at the Bangor University campus throughout this year’s challenge.

Thank you to them and all of this year’s partners for coming together to mark our 30th Anniversary.

An Extension to the Dragon Challenge Deadline

UK Challenge and CGI have also teamed up to present the ‘CGI Intelligence Trophy’, which this year will not only carry the prestige of winning one of the event’s top awards but also a special prize for each team member. 

To ensure all teams had the chance to kick off the event on the right foot, we decided to extend the Dragon Challenge submission deadline to midnight on Monday 1st July. 

This was a difficult choice as a lot of teams had made a big effort to comply with the original deadline but I hope you can see the benefit in having CGI become part of making this trophy one of the best ones to win. You will find the final Dragon Challenge already online. 

We might, just maybe, also be publishing more Dragon Challenges for you to get your teeth stuck into between now and then so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Dragon Challenge tab and get your brains bashing, minds meeting and solutions submitting. 

From the Boardroom to the Farmyard

Senior Executives were taken out of their comfort zones on last year’s popular stage

Not only was last year’s Senior Executive held in an old Brecon Beacons cattle auction yard, stage full of colour, it was also one of our competitors’ favourite stages in UK Challenge history! 

Each team participating in 2019 has one additional Senior Executive place so get him or her to come along to Snowdonia this year for what promises to be another truly amazing stage! 

To ensure we have enough rooms for everyone, the deadline for registering your team’s Senior Exec is next Thursday 23rd May so once you’ve got them on board, make sure to add them on your team’s portal before then!

The ‘Weturn’ of the Wetsuit

Swimming makes a (welcome) return in 2019

After a one year hiatus at last year’s challenge, we’re making up for lost time with not 1 BUT 2 swim sections. They will not be sea-based but may be in a lake or other similar body of water. 

Your swimmer should be capable of swimming 400m continuously in open water and both bodies of water historically  have water temperatures in July in the 14 – 18 degree range and so wetsuits are not necessary and indeed are entirely optional.

All swimmers will be responsible for their own hats, goggles and speedos.

You are welcome to swim without a wetsuit or to bring your own but if you would like to hire a wetsuit from us, we can arrange this. There will be an admin fee of £20.00 per wetsuit to cover the cost of the delivery of the wet suit to each location and the hire for both locations.

For ease, if you would like this, we have created an order option in the portal which can be accessed here so if your swimmer wants a wetsuit, please ensure that you have selected a size from the dropdown box by Friday 31st May.

UK Challenge Announce Teenage Cancer Trust as their Exclusive Charity Partner

UK Challenge Announce Teenage Cancer Trust as their Exclusive Charity Partner

Marco Polo Events, a company dedicated to providing outdoor team-building opportunities, and the owner of the UK Challenge, the headline iconic event that takes place over three days involving over 500 company executives has appointed Teenage Cancer Trust as their exclusive charity partner for the 2019 event to be held in Snowdonia.

Over the next 12 months many of the teams entered in the UK Challenge will join in the fund raising, by integrating participation into their internal CSR programs or dedicated charity initiatives.

MPE CEO, David Moran, commented;

I expect this partnership to be our best yet as we know that fund raising is a very personal thing and with TCT we will get to see the fruits of our labour and make a difference in an area that gets little attention. Cancer will affect all of us at some point in our lives but to get impacted when you’re a teenager can be extra stressful for both the individual and the people around them. The team at TCT do a great job to support young people with cancer.”

Adding to those comments, Peter George, Chairman of MPE said;

The companies and individuals that take part in the UK Challenge are amongst the best and most motivated to be found in the workplace, I know from personal experience that taking part is one of the best investments a company can make in its people and having a meaningful charity partnership that our competitors really relate to will resonate throughout their whole organisation.

Kate Collins, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust said;

We’re incredibly excited about partnering with UK Challenge and being a part of this fantastic event in 2019.  We can’t wait to work with them and all the teams to raise vital funds for young people facing cancer.  Right now, for every young person Teenage Cancer Trust reach, there’s another we can’t. The money raised through our partnership will help us provide young people with cancer the best treatment, care and support – and ultimately ensure that no young person faces cancer alone.

To watch the UK Challenge’s 2018 event video, visit our YouTube channel here.

Companies interested in participating in the 2019 July’s UK Challenge can get in touch with Team Director Louis Bollard via







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