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Spring thoughts from our founder, Dave Moran

The astronomers amongst us may point to the vernal equinox, the bureaucrats to the 1st March for convenience but for most the dawn of Spring is more spiritual and instinctive. A glorious morning, the lengthening of the day, daffodils flowering, Spring signifies renewal, hope and in the words of Leo Tolstoy “Spring is the time of plans and projects”.

How appropriate that in March we celebrate our Captains’ Day as teams make their plans and start their preparation towards the UK Challenge, anything seems possible, goals are set and plans are put in place. The flower that blooms signifies both renewal and opportunity, a chance to create anew and shine brightly, and how much brighter it is when flowers bloom together.

Our role is to provide nourishment to help you achieve some of your goals and give you lifetime memories and in the process perhaps learn a little about yourself and when the time comes for a new Spring you will bloom even brighter.

The arrival of Spring also coincides with International Women’s Day, something that all of us at MPE wholeheartedly support. Growing up in a male-dominated World and progressing through organisations that clearly favored the “Male” I am at least somewhat comforted that my daughter is now able to have a career on what seems to be a level playing field. The original IWD was 115 years ago and was then fighting for basic rights and a vote but I still find it difficult to accept some of the injustices and inequalities we allow based on gender.

Here at UKC we want to celebrate diversity and how that can power a team, is it a coincidence that 5 of the last 7 UKCs have been won by a mixed team? I don’t think so and let’s hope that as another Spring has sprung we see progress towards more respect for women as equals, the right to a voice on the global stage and simple things such as more representation as non-execs on company boards. We ALL have a part to play and when we do those flowers will bloom even brighter!

UK Challenge 2024 Final Call!

This is your final call to join us at the UK Challenge 2024 – The World’s leading team building event!📢

With so many benefits to your business and your employees and a few remaining spaces left, it’s the perfect event to sign your company up to this summer.

For more information or to sign yourself up for a team speak to Clayton ( or Dave (

Team Captains’ Day 2024 was a huge success!

We would like to give a huge thank-you firstly to PwC for hosting us for a third year for Team Captains’ Day and also thank you to everyone who joined us last week. We hope you learned as much as possible to prepare for the event, sign up for the portal, and meet fellow teams that will be joining you in June.

The Presentation from Team Captains’ Day is now available on the portal in the resource section. However, if you have any further questions please email Emma, who will be happy to help you further.

UKC 2024 approaching deadlines!

suit sizes is approaching.
All event suit sizes need to be completed by 12th April 2024. Failure to do so will result in an allocation of size Medium.

To allocate your suit size, visit the portal. Under the ‘profile’ section you will find ‘Important challenge information’. This is where you can select a size. If you are not sure what size to order, visit the ‘resource’ section on the portal where you will find a Running Suit size guide.

For further help, email Suzie.

We are still on the hunt for the best volunteers!

The UK Challenge team is on the hunt for volunteers for this year’s event.

A volunteer’s role is fun, and varied and will at times be quite demanding requiring some early starts and late finishes. It is however an essential one, which the success of the event depends upon.

UK Challenge teams, tell your colleagues. It’s a great way to encourage more of the team to get involved, see what you are up to and of course, have fun with you!

Charity Golf Day

Monthly Brain Teaser

Here is another monthly brain teaser.

These monthly brain teasers are also a good way to train for the puzzle element of the UK Challenge 2024!

Email your answers to Rebecca to find out how good your puzzle skills are!

If you have further questions or would like to discuss the UK Challenge with a member of the team email