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Business Benefits

For 30 years UK Challenge has been delivering powerful business benefits to hundreds of companies across a multitude of different industry sectors.

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Peak District 2023

Participant Survey

n.= 103


Would recommend the UK Challenge to a colleague, friend or business associate.


Improved skills that will benefit them back in the workplace.


Would like to take part again.


Significantly improve their communication skills as a result of taking part.


Of participants who expressed an opinion, rated the value for money as "very good" or "excellent".


Significantly improve their problem solving as a result of taking part.


Significantly improve their strategy skills as a result of taking part.


Significantly improve their teamwork as a result of taking part.


Significantly enhanced their health & wellbeing as a direct consequence of participation in the UK Challenge.

Proven Benefits

The reason why the world’s leading companies continue to return each year is straightforward; their employees return from the event motivated, more productive and better equipped to deal with the challenges faced in the workplace. Below are 7 areas that individuals are likely to develop by taking part:


“Everybody learns so much, from the team-building skills to the strategy, everybody brings something different and that’s why we love taking part in the UK Challenge.” – Rob, CGI

Health & Wellbeing

“The positive mental impact this event has can be seen radiating at the final stage finish line. The sense of achievement, belonging and pride is huge.”

– Tanya, OVO Energy

Performing Under Pressure

“You gain a clear picture of how your team mates perform under pressure and what strengths each person brings to the team” – Rod, Managing Director, Accenture


“All the contacts we have made here are great for the business” – Peter, Investment Project Manager, Equiniti


“You benefit as a leader because you develop and learn about yourself but not only that, you make a very good close group of friends as well and you bring that teamwork back into the office – it really does work. – Andy, PWC

Understanding Abilities

“I now have a greater understanding of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and how best to utilise these to maximise the team’s performance” – Chris, Senior Consultant, Bre


“You get to know each other really well and how you work in difficult situations so when you go back into the workplace your relationships and communication skills benefit from that.” – Cornelius, Airbus


“Having the ability to revert to alternative strategies under pressure and quickly, whilst maintaining delivery is something that this event really teaches you” – Nick, AWE

due to demand, entries have been increased to 90 teams. don’t miss out, book now before all places are filled!

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