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What accommodation is provided for the teams?

We have secured the lovely executive halls of residence on the Ffriddoedd site of the University of Wales, Bangor – all individual, all en suite, all with WiFi and even heating!

How many people make up a team?

Teams consist of 6 participants with the option to add a senior executive as an additional 7th member of the team.

What is the cost per team?

£7,495+vat per team of 6 (+1 senior exec) which includes all accommodation, full catering during the event, key equipment, gala party. Multi team discount is available.

What physical activities does the event involve?

Exact details of the UK Challenge will not be disclosed until the first evening of the event to maintain a degree of mystery. That said, teams can expect to be running, cycling and canoeing amongst other things!

What training do teams need to do in preparation?

Training is an important part of the UK Challenge and a great way of engaging your wider business in the lead up to the event. Each team will be provided with a comprehensive training guide well in advance of the event to assist with preparations. Our team are available daily to provide additional advice with regular updates on training and preparation.

Do teams have to fundraise?

Fundraising is a great way of engaging the wider business and motivating your team at the event, however it is at the individual team’s discretion.

How do we send our cash donations to the charity?

If you have collected cash donations, we can provide you with the charity bank details so you can make a secure donation directly to the charity. Please contact for further details.

Do we have to do anything with donations raised on Virgin Money Giving?

No. The amount raised via Virgin Money Giving will go directly to the charity. Don’t forget to encourage donors to give Gift Aid if they are eligible.

What makes a donor eligible to claim Gift Aid?

If your donors pay UK income tax or capital gains tax, they are eligible to claim Gift Aid on a donation. Claiming Gift Aid on your donation can increase the amount by 25% at no expense of the donor.

I can’t log in to the team portal!

Don’t worry. Simply clear your cache, refresh the page and try again. If this doesn’t work, give us a ring on 01625 584070.

Do we have to bring a senior executive along?

You don’t have to, however we have designed a senior executive stage for networking. Not only that but this is a great opportunity for them to experience the event for themselves, get to know employees they may not know, learn about the company and of course see how awesome their teams are!

When does the event start?

Registration takes place between 10:00 and 14:00 on July 4th 2019.

What kind of minibus would you recommend we hire?

One that is capable of carrying all 6 (or 7) team members and equipment comfortably. (nb. there is a limit of 1 vehicle per team on stage)

What do I need to do when I arrive at the event?

When you arrive at the event, you must attend registration (available from 10:00-14:00 July 4th 2019). This is where you will sign your teams in, collect your kits and room keys as well as any other equipment and information needed for the event. You will be provided with a registration information pack before the event which will explain all the information you need to know.

How fit do I need to be?

The UK Challenge is uniquely designed to test the combined mental, physical and strategic capabilities of individuals in a team environment. However, it is suggested that team members should be capable of comfortably covering a distance of 10km on foot and/or 15km by bike. There will be waterbased activity such as canoeing, but most of all teams should be prepared for long days and challenging missions.

What kind of footwear should I bring?

We recommend trail running shoes as they tend to have good grip on slippery, uneven terrain. It is best practice to bring a spare pair of trainers just in case as you never know what our glorious British weather may bring.

Where should I keep my valuables?

For the duration of the event, we ask that you take responsibility for the safe-keeping of your valuables. You will have private room keys with your accommodation. If you bring your valuables to the event stages it is best practice to keep your bags in your mini-buses or ensuring that they are with a team mate at all times. If you do happen to lose anything please contact one of the Marco Polo Team who will be able to advise you on where your items may be. We will ensure that any ‘found’ items are stored in the event hub/office and logged by a member of the Marco Polo team.

What should we do if we get lost?

There are lots of marshals strategically placed across each stage along with medical staff and event organisers. The team manual refers to off-limit land to help with preventing this.

How should we select our team captain?

Whilst we cannot divulge any information relating to this year’s stunning event, we’d recommend choosing someone with veracity who is passionate, decisive, honest, rational and open-minded.

What should I wear at the after-party?

Some teams like to dress up, some teams prefer to dress down. We recommend that you wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

Can I continue fundraising after the event?

We understand that many donors, don’t like to give sponsorship until the challenge has been completed. For this reason we allow participants to continue collecting funds for 4 weeks after the event. We ask that once you have finished collecting your money you contact who will advise you on how best to send the money to the charity.

What should I bring to the event?

Please refer to the team manual. However, we recommend bringing warm clothes, spare footwear (including socks), insect repellent, towels etc. Anything that you may need that is unique to this year’s event will be communicated to you beforehand.

Our team would like to bring a driver, how do we arrange this?

We welcome drivers to the event and typically charge a small fee to cover their accommodation and catering costs. Please contact for further details.

What are the final deadlines for team selection?

We ask that you have your final team selection confirmed 4 weeks before the event. This is due to logistical operations such as ordering your running suits and ensuring caterers are aware of any dietary requirements etc. If you decide to change any team members in those 4 weeks before the event, please inform us ASAP and we will strive to accommodate any changes if possible.

Someone in our team has had to pull out due to being injured, what do I do?

If a team member must pull out due to injury, please inform Marco Polo at your earliest convenience. This is due to logistical operations such as ordering your running suits and ensuring caterers are aware of any dietary requirements etc. If you have to change any team members in the 4 weeks before the event, please inform us ASAP and we will strive to accommodate any changes if possible.

When can I book my company’s place for 2019?

For all booking enquiries, please contact us on 01625 584070 or email Limited places are available as we will cap entries at 80 teams.


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