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Happy New Year challengers! 2023 flew by and we made some incredible memories with some of you at the 2023 UK Challenge but now its time to ramp it up and prepare for the UK Challenge 2024!

It is very much all steam ahead now as we prepare for this years event. We have some incredible stages and locations lined up for you this year… it may be the best year to date!

What should you and your team be doing at this time of the year? Well now would be a good time to start recruiting your team and getting yourself on the portal. If you would like help on how to recruit a team, send us a message and we would be happy to help.

So what has the team been up to? From recces to portal prep, the team have been incredibly busy making sure the 2024 event is one that you do not want to miss!

Our 2024 UK Challenge portal is now live!

The winter months have not stopped the team from getting things ready for our 2024 UK Challenge and that all began with the online portal. The portal has been updated with suggestions from the 2023 Focus Group and we are excited to welcome you to it. If you have not already done so make sure to sign up to the portal now!

Another Fantastic Focus Group!

This month we held our 2023 Focus Group Day and we would like to thank everyone who joined us and gave some incredible suggestions for our 2024 event.  We would also like to give Accenture a huge thank-you for hosting us for the day and to James for organising a fantastic ‘mini-challenge’ around London!

If you were a 2023 UK Challenge competitor and were not able to make the focus group, we would love to hear from you too! If you have any comments or suggestions that you think could make the UK Challenge even better just send us an email!

No rest for the MPE Team…

Not even the cold weather will stop the team from finding the perfect locations for our 2024 UK Challenge!

Last week the MPE team headed to Dartmoor to finalise the remaining stage locations. We must admit these locations may be the best ones yet!

We have a brand new Training Guide

Last year you spoke and we listened! And now we have a whole new training guide for all of the 2024 UK Challenge teams. Thanks to our friends at Instinct Gym they have created an incredible training guide online for you to not only read but also watch videos and interact with!

To sign up all you need to do is get yourself onto the 2024 portal and all the information can be found in the training guide section.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss the UK Challenge with a member of the team please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch!