The ‘Weturn’ of the Wetsuit


After a one year hiatus at last year’s challenge, we’re making up for lost time with not 1 BUT 2 swim sections. They will not be sea-based but may be in a lake or other similar body of water. 

Your swimmer should be capable of swimming 400m continuously in open water and both bodies of water historically  have water temperatures in July in the 14 – 18 degree range and so wetsuits are not necessary and indeed are entirely optional.

All swimmers will be responsible for their own hats, goggles and speedos.

You are welcome to swim without a wetsuit or to bring your own but if you would like to hire a wetsuit from us, we can arrange this. There will be an admin fee of £20.00 per wetsuit to cover the cost of the delivery of the wet suit to each location and the hire for both locations.

For ease, if you would like this, we have created an order option in the portal which can be accessed here so if your swimmer wants a wetsuit, please ensure that you have selected a size from the dropdown box by Friday 31st May.

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