January 2018: Phil Haycock was the lucky winner in January and won an Athleat £100 gift voucher!
February 2018: Well done to Paul Evans at Pcubed who won the £100 gift voucher from our good friends at Individual Restaurants!
March 2018: WOW, Paul Evans won again! This time a bottle of Hunters GinA winning streak!
April 2018: Tim Wiseman from BRE was victorious in April winning a lovely bottle of Johnnie Walker ending Paul’s winning streak!
May 2018: Congratulations to Alex Bright who won a box of Vive Bars
June 2018: Airbus’ Tom Hiddleston won the £50 drinks voucher for the UK Challenge gala dinner! Congratulations!
July 2018: Well done Griff Lewis from Vive – you have won the July competition!
August 2018: Congratulations Stuart Stafford of T-Systems. You have won the August competition and take home four bottles of wine!
September 2018: Who will win the September competition?