Join our 2018 prize winners from our brilliant clients by entering our monthly competition for your chance to win premium prizes such as a £100 Individual Restaurants voucher, luxury gift hampers and selected partner prizes. 2019 Winners:

January 2019:

Phil Haycock has won the January teaser and a voucher for Individual Restaurants will be heading your way.

February 2019: Congratulations to Max Greenstreet from AWE who correctly worked out that each letter represented the first letter of a decathlon discipline and that the next letter in the sequence was therefore ‘F’.

March 2019: This caused some some animated debate as to what was the actual answer which led us to accepting 23, 24 or 25 as the number of locations that the UK Challenge has been held at. Mariano Herrera was one

of those who answered 25 and was this month’s lucky winner.

April 2019: Proving himself as no April Fool, this month’s winner was Dan Hancox from the Civil Service team who won him and his team a voucher to be spent at this year’s UK Challenge event in Snowdonia. Well done, Dan.

May 2019: May the best entrant win… and this month’s best entrant was Phil Haycock from AWE – congratulations, Phil. The correct answer for Dom’s nickname was Sin as the nicknames of both Bob and Jim were Viv and Hun respectively, therefore the solution is right in front of all of you – the QWERTY keyboard layout. 

June 2019: Proving herself able to handle the heat of summer, June’s winner was Emma Olofsson, who correctly worked out that the missing number represented by the question mark was 4. Why? Each number in the sequence related to the number in the alphabet of the word’s first letter. Therefore d = 4. Emma wins a candle set from the beautiful Amber & Bennett collection – a prize that will help her relax after this year’s UK Challenge.

July 2019: Our latest addition to the UK Challenge team, Events Manager, Joss Linney conducted the first draw of his short UKC career and fished out the lucky Hannah Fisher from the Invictus Games Foundation who, having dissected this year’s results, had correctly spotted that a total of 39 teams recorded a lower time than the average time in this year’s UK Challenge and received a bottle of brilliant bubbly for her endeavours. 

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